Below are the quick answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What documents do i need to make the rental agreement?

To make the rental agreement we need the following documents:
– Drivers license;
– Id or passport;
– Valid credit card or 300 € in cash as a deposit (not necessary if you take the full insurance with excess/deductible 0€)
– If you´re renting a scooter the deposit is 250 € ( in cash or credit card)

If i don´t have credit card can i rent a car/scooter?

Yes, it´s possible, if you don´t have credit card you need to leave in cash a deposit of 300 € if you´re renting a car or 250 € if you´re renting a scooter.

Does the name of the titular of the credit card match with the name of the driver?

No. Any valid credit card it acceptale.

Can I pick up my car at one station and return it to another

Yes, this is possible for a fee of €20

Can i rent a car for just a few hours?

Yes, a vehicle can be rented for a few hours, but note that the minimum period charged is 24 hours (1 day). The same applies if you rent for a day and four hours: two days of rental are charge.

Is it possible the rented vehicle returning with almost no fuel ?

Customers must return the rented vehicle at the same fuel level as they received. Usually the car is delivered full so that customers will be charged for the amount of missing fuel.

Can i rent a specific car model?

You can book the group of car that is suitable for you, can always be the same model or similar.
We only carry out confirmations for the vehicle category. Areia Branca rentals guarantees only the reserved category and not the model.

Can i change my booking and do i have to pay a cancelation fee?

You can change/cancel your booking anything without any cancelation fee, for that you must email us to

Can i rent my car at one place and drop it off at another station?

Yes that is possible without aditional fees.

When do i make the payment for my rental?

The payment for your rental car is made at the car pick up

Which payment methods are available?

Costumer can pay with Credit and Debit Card, or cash payment

Can I ask for additional extras once the car is booked?

There are optional extras that you can choose when picking up the car.

How many authorised drivers are allowed per vehicle?

Rodavante’s services allow 2 authorised drivers per vehicle. However the second driver must pay an extra fee of 18,30 € (once).

How long do I need to book a car beforehand?

You should book at least 24h beforehand to get a confirmation. This depends on the availability of the vehicle group and any extras and fees.

Can I rent a car at the airport?

We don´t have any station at Lisbon airport. You can book the airport shuttle wih us.
When you book the car and airport shuttle with Areia Branca Rentals we will meet you at the arrivals hall, drive you to your accomodation and the car will already be there we just need to make the rental agreement from there, with this service you avoid lines at the airport specially when you travel with children.
The delivery of the car at the accomodation is valid in the area of Baleal, Peniche, Praia del Rei, Praia da Areia Branca, Lourinhã, Santa Cruz.

How should I proceed if I have a fault / problem with the vehicle?

You must contact our Central 00351 91 9982278 / 00 351 911 991 779 or Travel Assistance (contact number with vehicle documents).

What happens if I return the vehicle after the estimated date / time?

The vehicle must be returned until the same hour of pickup (with a tolerance of 1h30m). After this period, an extra day is charged.

Do I have to return the vehicle clean?

Normal use is acceptable, if the vehicle is really dirty we will charge for a cleaning fee.

Can the insurance franquia be reduce untill €0?

Yes, depends of the rental insurance contract made.

What valure is the insurance franquia?

You can check the valures in the prices section of the rentcar page.

I forgot some of my ID cards, can i still rentacar?

Sorry but no, we need always the demand IDs for the rental.

Responsability for car tickets, fines or higway payments?

Car tickets, fines or higway payments are the driver responsability.

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  • Why book with us?

    Areia Branca Rentals is a family business based in Praia da Areia Branca. Our main objective is to create mobility solutions for our customers, for us, customer satisfaction always comes first. Our company offers delivery and collection services in hotels, local accommodation and resorts.
    If you are coming in vacation to our country, if you book a car with us, we guarantee the transfer service from Lisbon airport so this way when you arrive at your vacation house the car will already be there, avoiding all waiting time at the airport.
    At the end of the rental we will receive your vehicle and you will have a driver ready to take you back to the airport.

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